Italian Renaissance

Marie De France

There is very little known about Marie de France.  The first known date recorded about here is in 1160.  Her name is only known because of one line saying "My name is Marie, I am from France."  This is how the name Marie de France became.  Some people believe she was raised Normandy because of her style of writing.  Some of her works include a collection of fables called Ysopet and a collection of short love sonnets.  She was higly educated in Latin and French.  Also, the way she writes in her vocabulary  indicates that she was in the aristocratic rank in society.  This is mainly all that is known of Marie De France.  The last known record of her is 1215.

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Since I'm making lais, Bisclavret
Is one I don't want to forget.
In Breton, "Bisclavret"'s the name;
"Garwolf" in Norman means the same.
Long ago you heard the tale told--
And it used to happen, in days of old--
Quite a few men became garwolves,
And set up housekeeping in the woods.
A garwolf is a savage beast,
While the fury's on it, at least:
Eats men, wreaks evil, does no good,
Living and roaming in the deep wood.
Now I'll leave this topic set.
I want to tell you about Bisclavret.

The rhyme scheme for this poem is a,a,b,b,c,c,d,d,e,e,f,f,g,g.

This is part of the story Bisclavret by Marie De France.  For more of her work please visit this site:

Here is a sonnet that we have written.

Sometimes I will forget that,
I'm not the one who places the bet.
Others follow and do it too
But why is it not always true?

We work and work to fix these things,
But it grows harder and harder as the bell rings.
Like a light jumping on,
I relize that I am half way gone.

Racing rain rides the road,
As the entire world seems to explode.
Its not fair how they get away
By doings things they never say.
     If they can lie, so can I,
       But when I do, something will die.

This sonnet is not by Marie De France.  It is an original sonnet that we have written ourselves.