Italian Renaissance



Raphael Sanzi was a artist. and architect of the Hiigh Italian Renaissance.  In 1483 Rapheal wasa born in Urbino, Italy. When he was a teenager he was sent to be an apprentice  under Pietro Perugino. He became a fully trained master in 1501. At age 21, Raphael went to Florence to start painting art . He painted smaller paintings like the Entombment. Raphael was in Florence for four years when in the Autumn of 1508 he was sent to paint for the famous Julius II. He spent the rest of his life in Rome where in 1511 he started to begin painting the Stanza della Segnatura. He became on of the three high Renaissance painters along with Leonardo De Vinci and Michelangelo.  In 1514 Raphael was appointed the architect of Saint Peter's.  He also painted the Madonna which became his most famous artwork. In 1520 at age 37, Raphael died of a fever.

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Raphaels paintings are Conestabile Madonna (Top Left), Madonna and Child (Top Center), The Entombment (Top Right), Madonna del Baldacchino (Bottom Right), The Virgin and Child with Saint John the Baptist (Bottom Center), and The Fire in Borgo (Bottom Right).  These are a few of the many magnificent paintings that Rapheal painted