Italian Renaissance

El Greco

In 1541 El Greco was born on the Greek island Crete. He began painting in the 1550's amd im 1561 El Greco moved to Venice to expand his painting. He learned how to paint people more natural. He was a very abstract artist.  Only one year later, at age 22, El Greco became a master painter. He worked on his art in Venice until he moved to Rome in 1570 to attend the Academy of Saint Luke.He soon worked under the famous painter Titian which was a great start in his career. He moved to Toledo Spain where he began to start his artwork. In 1586 he produced his most famous work the  Burial of Count Orgaz. Around 1609 El Greco painted his perception of  Toledo in his famous painting, The View of Toledo.  In 1614 El Grecco died.

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El Grecco was an artist who mainly used oil paints. The top left painting is Christ Heaking the Blind Man which was painted in the 1570. He painted it once he moved to Venice. Most of his artwork took place in Rome and so this oil painting was one of his early works. In the top right is Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple painted in Spain and Rome but was finished in Toledo in about 1600.  in the bottom left corner is The Annunciation.  It was an all oil painting between 1575 and 1600. The last artwork is The Dream of Phillip. It was painted in Spain in 1579.