Italian Renaissance


             Tiziano Vecellio, better known as Titian.  Titian was known as the one of the greatest artists throughout the sixteenth century.  He was mostly known for his use of vibrant colors in his artwork.  He greatly influenced the artwork that appeared throughout the seventeenth sentury.  Titian contributed to the many forms of art that were present at this time.  Some of these include portraits, altaerpieces and mythologies.  

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This is Titian's painting called, Nymph and Shepherd. It was painted from 1570-1575.
Allegory of Prudence (Top Left) was paintied by Titian from 1765 to 1775.  In this masterpiece Titian is all the way to the left in his old age.  In the center is Titian's son who was the heir to the workshop at the times.  To the right in the painting is Titians nephew.  The next painting is called Jacopo Strada (Top Right) was  painted in 1566.  This was a portrait of the art dealer Jacopo Strada.  Jerome in the Desert (Bottom Left) is of Saint Jerome.  It was painted from 1570 to 1575.  Lastly is the Flaying of Marsyas (Bottom Right).  This was painted from 1570 to 1575 as well.